10 easy ways you can protect yourself from Crimes that mostly occur at or near your Home.

We all want to feel safe and secure at our homes. Unfortunately, in the new year 62% of all crimes will occur at or near your home. You may not realize this, but you are more than likely to be the victim of THEFT, BURGLARY, TRESPASSING, and ASSAULT at or near your home (i.e. in your neighborhood) than at any other place. In fact, these crimes will occur at a combined rate of 75 homes out of every 1000 in the new year.

In order to add safety, security, and comfort to you and your home, there are a few simple things that can deter and prevent crimes that normally target your residence, and the general area around your residence.

  1. Use a professional monitoring and security service with an alarm and cameras for recording activities inside and outside your home.
  1. Check and Reinforce your locks on your doors and windows. Door and window sensors connected to your security system are a great way to alert you if someone enters your home.
  1. Require delivery services to obtain signatures from an adult at home when delivering online orders, particularly high-priced goods.
  1. Use a locked package dropped box on your porch for online deliveries that can be slid or placed through an opening but requires a key to unlock the box to retrieve the package.
  1. Motion detectors with flood lights or spotlights that automatically turn on around areas of your home that may not normally have good lighting or visibility to the neighborhood to alert when someone is at or near your home.
  1. Use personal protection devices such as mace or a stun gun.
  1. Form relationships with neighbors near your home to work out a plan to look out for one another’s homes and property, particularly when you are away for long periods of time.
  1. Closely monitor and vet the individuals you invite into your home.
  1. Use the buddy system when walking around your neighborhood, particularly in the evening or early morning hours when it is dark.
  1. Learn your neighborhood geography in order to have routes and paths to use in emergency situations.

These are just a few simple examples of ways to protect yourself and your property while at or near your residence. I hope you can find these or other ideas helpful to you in order to maintain a sense of security and peace at a place that we all normally associate these feelings with…your home.