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I am an experienced researcher, writer, instructor, investigator and consultant with over 20 years of academic and professional experience in various social science disciplines. My areas of expertise fall within the realms of psychology, sociology, criminology, criminal justice, homeland security, national security, leadership, public health, marketing, business strategy, human resources,  employee motivation, employee satisfaction, consumer behavior, statistics and communication.

I have a well-documented successful record related to research, reporting, and publishing on various relevant issues concerning important social topics such as community policing, police-community relationships, police-community collaboration, social media in policing, e-government technology in policing, counter-terrorism, risk and threat assessments, needs assessments of criminal justice entities, consumer behavior, Industrial Organizational psychology, social psychology, social science theory advancement, public safety leadership, business-community partnerships, and public health initiatives among others.

If you or your organization, agency or institution is considering specific research, reporting or instructional services; consider my past experiences in assisting others with projects such as:

  • Survey Design – Academic research projects, consumer satisfaction, employee onion
  • Dissertation Consultation– Initial Development, Completion Strategy, Editing, Statistical Analysis, Oral Defense Preparation, Time Management
  • Editing – Academic journal articles, dissertations, literature reviews, white papers, professional business reports, articles, essays
  • Statistical Analysis – Descriptive and Inferential, parametric and non-parametric, Regressions, T-Tests, ANOVAs, correlations
  • Research Design – Quantitative, Qualitative, Hypothesis, Theory, Literature Review, Data collection methods
  • Internal Security Risk and Threat Assessments
  • Background Investigation Reports
  • Resume Writing
  • LinkedIn Profile Creation
  • Cover Letter Writing
  • Social Media Management

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