Who is the social science guy?


I am Dr. Eric Keith.

I consider myself a champion of social science and all we can learn, investigate, apply, and understand with the social sciences. I have expertise in researching, writing, analyzing, instructing, and sharing concepts and information about social science related topics.

I consider social science any discipline that theorizes, interprets, conceptualizes, and progresses how society and individuals  interact with the surrounding world. For me, this encompasses the disciplines I have studied, researched, consulted on, and have a great passion for including psychology, sociology, criminology, criminal justice, communication, public health, business administration,  marketing, and leadership. Within these overarching disciplines, there are “mini-disciplines” that cover a wide ranging variety of topics that I enjoy working with. This will become evident in my future blog posts that I hope you will find informative, interesting, and applicable.

Based on my personal educational and professional experiences, I have focused on a few major social sciences elements. First of all, I began with psychology by earning my undergraduate degree. Here I  focused on applied psychology, social psychology, consumer behavior, and Industrial-Organizational psychological principles.

Secondly, my career as a writer, researcher, instructor, and consultant has led me to work on topics and issues related to safety, security, health, communication, and crimes. This work added to my interest and desire to expand my social science IQ with sociological, psychological, and criminological principles.

As a result, my strong desire to understand the theoretic and conceptual aspects of these social science disciplines lead to earning my master’s degree and PhD in the social sciences.

I cultivated my academic career into two main contributions to social science.

The first was to elevate to a position of leadership and positive change as an instructor. I have been able to bridge social science theories and concepts to applied innovations in preparing and supporting the growth of learners encountering issues related to safety and security.

The second contribution I have dedicated myself to is promoting and progressing the use of social science research to better our communities and society through active applied research, writing,  publishing, and consulting for organizations, agencies, private entities, and individuals interested and immersed in the nexus between social sciences and real world practical issues. Thus, I have built a consulting business called ThinkSpace Consulting, LLC that provides the requisite research, writing, analysis, surveying, data mining, and advisement services. 

I utilize this blog to illustrate some of my more interesting academic publishing, research, and writing to accomplish what I feel is the root of progress and innovation…”Veritas Vincit.” This motto, “truth conquers”, is based on the benefit of social science research and information uncovering and solidifying theory and concepts that may reveal some useful and applicable knowledge that will benefit you the reader. Topics ranging from law enforcement, public safety, personal safety, public health, the criminal justice system, national security, homeland security, statistics among others will provide you with data and factual information that can be used to understand and make better the world around you.

As a long time consultant, I have been commissioned and hired to use my social science experience in other fields of interest. Business owners, leaders and organizations have hired me to assist in the research, analysis and reporting through the use of surveys, background research, investigation and data mining. Some of the projects have included the economic outlook for dental graduates, how the use and appearance of casino ads influenced the quality of applicants and hiring, levels of burnout and predictive factors of burnout of nurses at a medical training hospital, the use of phone apps and social media to engage in a health and wellness program for consumers of a business product, police use of social media and the internet to develop collaborative partnerships with citizens, the assessment of domestic violence policy and recommendations for changes, and the impact of flooding on citizen’s mental well-being.

I thank all of you in advance for taking part in my blog and I encourage active participation by all.

To learn more about me and what I have done and can do to help you go to my consulting site at:

ThinkSpace Consulting